Navy dad meets newborn son for first time, says 5 words that leave his wife speechless

As every parent knows, the moment you see your first child for the first time is impossible to describe.

But for this dad, meeting his newborn son was especially moving, since he wasn’t able to be there when he was born.

Instead, the member of the United States Navy had to wait a few weeks to meet his son — and when he did, he said five words that made his wife melt.

Image Source: YouTube/The World Surprise

It’s hard being away from your family for a long time. The homesickness and loneliness increase with each passing day. But once you’re reunited, it’s the best,

For Lt. Michael Lemmons, that day would be special. Michael works in the Navy, and while he was deployed, he received an important message.

His wife had given birth to the couple’s first child -— but since Lt. Michael was out to sea, he couldn’t be there when he was born. Instead, that day would come a few weeks later.

Image Source: YouTube/The World Surprise

Meeting his son for the first time

Michael’s wife and baby were there when he returned to shore. As soon as he landed, he ran to his wife and gave her a big loving hug.

But the next moment, of course, would be even more special. Michael held his son in his arms for the first time — and immediately uttered five words.

Image Source: YouTube/The World Surprise

“He’s perfect”

Michael looked into his son’s eyes, looked at his wife and said, “He’s perfect, Thank you.”

At last, Dad was home and the family could finally start their new life together.

Nothing is as strong as the bond between family members. And I’m absolutely sure that this little boy will have a loving upbringing in front of him full of love, support and lots of exciting experiences.

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