Neighbor boy douses 7-year-old with nail polish remover and sets him on fire

“Don’t play with fire!” How often did our parents and teachers tell us this when we were children?

For a 7-year-old American boy named Julien, he learned this lesson the hard way, although he didn’t play with fire himself…

The Kansas City Star reported on the horrific incident in which Julien was doused with nail polish remover and set on fire by a boy who lives next door.

Julien, who lives in Missouri, was hospitalized with serious burns to his face and arms, reports the Kansas City Star.

Julien was playing in front of his parents’ house when an 8-year-old boy who lives next door poured nail polish remover on him.


Julien’s mother, Ashley Lyons, told Kansas City Star that Julien “kept telling him to leave him alone.”

Set on fire

However, the boy didn’t think of stopping and instead set Julien on fire with a candle.

Julien is reported to have gone up in flames.


Fortunately, another neighbor rushed to the little boy’s side with a wet towel and was able to prevent the burns from being worse.

According to reports, however, Julien inhaled the flames, which means his lungs might have been injured as well.

Mother wasn’t home

Julien’s mother, Ashley, wasn’t home at the time and was only allowed to see her son in the Children’s Mercy Hospital after an emergency operation was performed. She said it was extremely painful for her and that her son is scared, angry and confused.

Why the boy next door went after little Julien is still unclear, but Julien’s mother thinks that the attacker’s mother was present but did nothing to help Julien.


Despite his shock and the scars on his face, Julien is doing well considering the circumstances.

Julien’s mother said it could take two to three years for his skin to completely regenerate, adding that skin grafts could be difficult because his lungs could collapse.

We can’t imagine the pain little Julien had to suffer and hope that his physical and mental scars heal as soon as possible.

Julien’s mother has launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for her son’s medical expenses, of which more than $65,000 has already been raised.

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