Neighbors sing Happy Birthday to 95-year-old from their balconies

Not being able to hug your elderly loved ones during this difficult time is heartbreaking for so many families.

Many people live alone and rely on visits from family and friends to lift their spirits but during the coronavirus lock down this isn’t possible.

During these bizarre times we’re living in we’re seeing so many examples of how the human spirit can adapt to even the strangest of circumstances and find a way to enjoy the moment.

A particularly emotional scene from an apartment building in Argentina has left us all needing tissues, when neighbors decided they couldn’t let one particularly resident’s special day go unnoticed.

Facebook video

Manuel, who lives on the ground floor of an apartment block in Mar del Plata, a resort city on Argentina’s Atlantic coast, was facing a 95th birthday alone.

Thankfully the caring managers of his building let the residents know of the upcoming special occasion and asked if people would help to make the elderly man feel special.

Residents came out onto their balconies to sing Happy Birthday to Manuel, one man even started playing his accordian.

Video: he lives alone, he turned 95 and his neighbors sang happy birthday to him from the balconies

“It was a gesture of great love in the face of so much pain and concern. The managers of the building always have many signs of affection towards the people who live there,” said the residents, according to the newspaper Ahora Mar de Plata. 

‘The love of everyone’

“Manuel’s family could not go visit because of the quarantine, but the most important thing is that he was not alone and received the love of everyone,” they added.

In the emotional moment Manuel is seen in the video coming out onto his balcony and looking up in astonishment at all of his neighbors singing to him, it’s a truly beautiful gesture.

We hope Manuel felt loved on his special day, Happy Birthday Manuel!

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