Newborn died of cold sore virus: ‘Don’t let anyone kiss your baby’, says mom

When there is a newborn baby in the room, who can resist a hold, a hug, a quick kiss. For those of us whose babies are grown a newborn brings back so many beautiful memories.

But one heartbroken mom is warning parents to stop others kissing their infants after a terrible tragedy struck her family.


Nicole Sifrit gave birth to her baby girl, Mariana and was looking forward to life with a little one and marrying her baby’s father Shane Sifrit soon after.

But just hours after Nicole and Shane’s wedding, the happy parents were told that 7-day-old Mariana had stopped eating and would not wake up, according to WHOTV.

They ran from their wedding and raced to see their baby at Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.


The distressed couple were told that Mariana had the Meningitis HSV1 virus, a life threatening disease.

Doctors suspect she caught the virus after a loved one with cold sores touched or kissed her.

“They touch her and then she touches her mouth with her hand,” Nicole told Who TV.

‘Don’t let people kiss your baby’

Both of the parents tested negative for the virus.

“Keep your babies isolated. Don’t let just anyone come visit them,” Nicole said.

“Make sure they are constantly washing their hands. Don’t let people kiss your baby and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.”

“I always thought this stuff happens and it’s a shame and never thought it would happen to me,” Dad Shane said, according to Epoch Times. “I was not prepared at all.”

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The baby was then airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospital and placed on life support.

“She has a kidney team, a liver team, a blood team, a neurology team,” Nicole wrote at the time.

But despite the efforts of the doctors, Mariana continued to decline and it wasn’t long after that doctors delivered the heartbreaking news that their baby had passed away.

‘She is now no longer suffering’

According to the Epoch Times article Nicole delivered the devastating news on social media.

She wrote, “Our princess Mariana Reese Sifrit gained her angel wings at 8:41 a.m. this morning in her daddy’s arms and her mommy right beside her. She is now no longer suffering and is with the Lord.”

Go Fund Me was page set up to help the couple cover expenses associated with the tragedy.

Rip sweet angel baby ??? 

I pray this gives new parents or those with newborns a reason to put their foot down and protect your child esp the first year. 

Please share this important warning with all your friends and family.