Newborn twins start crying then they wrap their arms around each other and doctor grabs camera

I’m always fascinated by that twin connection and how some twins cannot live without each other. But some identical twins claim to have that special psychic connection.

I’m hearing more and more about women giving birth to twins, apparently it’s on the rise with twin births increasing 76 percent since the 1980s in the U.S., according to Modern Mom.

According to the website 40 percent of twins develop their own language and start bonding in the womb, according to a study of 3D ultrasound images, carried out in Italy.

One doctor knows all about this when he captured a wonderful twin bonding moment on camera.



Posted by Twin Babies on Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Brazilian-based infertility specialist Dr. Rodrigo da Rosa Filho, based in Moema, São Paulo,  certainly knows a thing or two about this special bond that twins share. According to the doctor’s website, he helped set up an assisted reproduction clinic called Mater Prime.


SEMPRE A POSTOS, ATENTO E VIGILANTE, meu filho Dr. Rodrigo Rosa. Abençoado seja!__/|__♥

Posted by Rodrigo da Rosa on Friday, 11 November 2016

Based on Dr. da Rosa Filho’s expertise I’m sure he’s seen a lot of twins in his time but was clearly taken by what he saw in this adorable video below, as he immediately reached for his camera and recorded the brief moment.

He posted an Instagram video of twin babies doing something that has warmed hearts around the globe.

The newborn twins still have their eyes closed and, like most newborns, are unable to decide between crying and sleeping. But the twins are caught hugging each other and it seems to calm them.

Dr. da Rosa Filho has given his post the caption: “No choro e na alegria, sempre juntos!”  The English translation is “In tears and joy, always together!”

Watch this adorable moment in the video below:

I’m sure these beautiful babies will share many more moments of tears and joy and I hope they can continue to be a comfort.

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