No one could cure blisters on baby’s face – then her mom found a solution that doctors missed

Joanne Nevin’s 1-year-old daughter had been suffering from severe skin problems for several months.

But despite taking a variety of medicines prescribed to her by doctors, the toddler didn’t see any improvement.

Then Joanne found something of a miracle.

Joanne Nevin / Facebook

Raising a child can be a rollercoaster. Just ask Joanne Nevin, 28. Her 1-year-old daughter, Kelisha, first started having skin problems when she was 3 months old.

Kelisha had eczema, but Joanne thought it was far worse than that.

“Her face was full of patches as if she’d had boiling water poured over her,” she told the Independent.

Joanne Nevin / Facebook

Joanne says that people stared and wondered what had happened to her baby’s face.

“By the time Kelisha was six months old she had been in and out of the doctors and appointments with a pediatrician,” Joanne said.

The medications and creams that Kelisha got only worked for a few weeks before the symptoms returned.

As the mother of a baby, it must have been extremely hard to stand by while your child continued to suffer. And if not even doctors knew how to fix the problem, what could you possibly do?

Joanne started searching around the internet for similar cases. She read about parents who gave their children a cheap cream called Childs Farm Baby Moisturiser. So why not try it? It only cost £4.50 ($6.30). So she did, and she also used the company’s bubble bath.

Joanne Nevin / Facebook

Joanne gave Kelisha the cream and a bath, and within four weeks, she could see the results.

The little girl got rid of her eczema — after months of failed cures from pediatricians. Thus, the solution ended up coming from a normal skin cream.

Joanne is relieved and happy that her baby’s irritating skin problems are finally over. And even though there are no miracle cures for eczema or similar skin conditions, Kelisha’s story can certainly give hope to other frustrated parents. The solution doesn’t always have to be the most expensive one. Sometimes, it might be worth testing inexpensive solutions, too. Share the article to alert others!