Philadelphia woman arrested after spitting on two people at market in social distancing row

A woman in Philadelphia has been arrested after spitting on two people in a local supermarket, according to reports.

Jacqueline McBride was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats, and harassment after the incident at Di Bruno Bros.

“She came too close to me and I just backed away from her, and I guess that upset her,” said Alexis Danilo, one of the victims of the attack.

YouTube / CBS

Alexis went on to tell CBS3 that she had first encountered McBride outside the store, but that the woman followed her in.

“She bumped into me, and I said something along the lines of ‘That’s rude, there is a pandemic going on.’ And then she just responded, ‘I’ll fight you right now,’ and took off her mask and spit on my face,” Alexis explained.

“Luckily, I was wearing glasses and a mask and I had gloves on.”

Fortunately, staff at Center City Market were quick to intervene. They called the police and helped Alexis clean her face.

“Everyone at Di Bruno Bros. was really nice. They helped me wash my face so I could get the spit off,” she said.

As per reports, Alexis is self-quarantining in the aftermath of the attack. Thus far, she’s not shown any signs of illness.

Incredibly, this vile incident wasn’t the first time McBride has spat on someone. Days prior, she also spat on an employee at the same market after arguing over payment owed for items.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney spoke about the incident last Thursday afternoon. “It’s unconscionable and criminal,” he said. “We hope the police find her and get her someplace she can’t spit on anybody.

“I think people start losing their minds a little bit and it’s understandable but that’s an assault; it’s aggravated assault to knowingly do that to make people ill, intentionally.”

Indeed, behaving like this during such a time – or indeed any time – is completely unacceptable.

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