Picture of mom working at her desk while cradling her three-month-old baby goes viral

In the U.S. maternity leave goes by in a flash. The most leave new moms can expect after having a baby is three to four months, some moms only get six weeks.

This can pose a real issue for those moms who have to rely on expensive daycare or want to breastfeed beyond three months.

Then there’s the issue of bonding with your child, not to mention missing out on the crucial milestones of their early years.

One company in Tennessee is making headlines around the nation after a picture was posted of one of their staff with her three-month old baby working at her desk.

The picture went viral and has prompted many discussions on why more businesses don’t allow this practice.


Maryland Farms Chiropractic staff member Melody Jett Blackwell was pictured at her desk cradling her baby Nora-Jo while on a call taking notes.

Workin' mamas.?She makes it look easy. It helps that Baby Nora-Jo is so sweet and content just being with and near her…

Gepostet von Maryland Farms Chiropractic am Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2018


Melody returned to her job in a work-from-home capacity after her maternity leave and then started coming back into the office one day a week.

Her understanding boss had no issue with Melody bringing her baby along too.

The chiropractic assistant was pleased about having baby Nora-Jo with her all day, rather than having to break the bank with daycare costs.

‘Should be allowed more often’

Dr. Elizabeth Baker said she spotted a cute moment between Melody and her baby, snapped a picture and posted it on their company Facebook page, having no idea the response she would get.

“Workin’ mamas. She makes it look easy!” Dr. Baker wrote. “We need more small and large businesses to see this is doable and should be allowed more often! The newborn months are so short. #WorkinMamas!”

Melody and Nora are here this morning till lunch! Any patients with morning appointments will get to say hello today.

Gepostet von Maryland Farms Chiropractic am Montag, 22. Oktober 2018


New mom Melody had been given a generous maternity package by U.S. standards.

“We were able to give her 3 full months of paid leave (well above the national average), but as a small business with only 3 employees we needed her back!” Dr. Baker posted.

Some office changes were made to the phone systems to accommodate Melody and her baby and Melody takes as many breaks as she needs to breastfeed her baby.

The picture was shared by over 1,000 people and attracted almost 2,500 reactions with hundreds of supportive comments.

Dr. Liz

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“More places can be more flexible than they are currently,” read one comment on Facebook.

“Many families find it almost makes more financial sense for one parent to stay home, rather than go to work just to have most or all of their checks pay for daycare,” read another.

Melody said most moms have no choice but to return to work but her situation has helped ease the difficulties so many other moms have to face.

“It makes a huge difference financially because daycare is really expensive,” Melody told NBC affiliate WPTV. “It’s nice to be able to take out that cost and take home more of my check.”

Gepostet von Melody Jett Blackwell am Freitag, 21. September 2018


This makes such good sense as everyone is happy, which makes for a pleasant and welcoming work environment. No wonder this business is doing so well!

More employers need to be this accommodating.

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