Police buy boy shoes after seeing him wearing bloody socks

Many of us do not pay attention to what surrounds us, but if we did we might discover details that would reveal much about the drama that many people experience in their lives.

There are more observant people, sometimes due of their profession, as is the case with the police. And that’s who we’re going to look at with this story today, in which a police officer noticed a detail and subsequently, a very painful truth.

Two officers from the Tukwila Police Department in Washington, USA, were out on routine patrol one day when something caught their attention.

They saw a child playing outside shoeless, wearing only bloody socks.

For a moment, they thought the child had simply removed his shoes, however they decided to dig a little deeper.

They stopped the car and asked the boy why he wasn’t wearing shoes. The boy replied that he only had one pair and they were too tight and hurt him.

The officers were crushed — and decided to do something about it.

A nice Sunday night story.It comes from the Tukwila Police Department in Washington.This little boy didn’t have any…

Posted by Frank Somerville KTVU on Sunday, 15 July 2018

One of the officers grabbed the first aid kit from their vehicle and began to treat the child’s foot.

Meanwhile, the other agent, a police sergeant, went shopping… and bought the boy a new pair of shoes. He also grabbed some popsicles on the way back.

These officers’, who did not want to be identified, are now touching the hearts of thousands of people around the world after their story was published online.

No wonder, these agents have shown that they are willing to go far beyond their duty to help their community. A big applause for them!

Please, do not hesitate to share this story to honor the work and great heart of these agents.