Police look in suspicious car – notice little boy in blanket and realize they have to leave

A while back, Robert Wood made the big decision to move from Alaska to Oregon with his family. But the only problem was that when the family arrived, they didn’t have any housing lined up.

So Robert, his wife, Heather, and their two sons slept in their car to save money — even though it was the middle of winter.

But when police officer David Natt found the family and listened to their story, he decided that he just couldn’t let them stay out in the cold.

A car in a parking lot caught the officer’s eye. He knew that the adjacent park was closed and wondered what the car was doing there. He walked closer and knocked on the window. Out peered a 4-year-old boy. He was sleeping on his dad’s chest, while his 2-year-old sister was sleeping on top of his pregnant mother.


Officer David immediately understood the family’s situation and started looking for a solution.


Because he was both a police officer and lived in the city, officer David had some ideas.


Officer David remembered that the city’s police department had a project with a local church to fund temporary housing for homeless people.

David had previously supported the project financially on many occasions. Now, he arranged for the family to stay for two nights in a hotel. It was enough time for the Wood family to solve their housing situation.

Robert was so moved by officer David’s act that he wrote about it on Facebook. His post reached thousands of people and was picked up by numerous news agencies. Soon Robert’s message spread around the world.

Many people have praised officer David and his amazing efforts to help a family he didn’t know.

“He took away the shame and let me know that he’s just a person, I’m just a person and things like this happen. It was moving,” Robert told KMTR News.

Robert also revealed that if the family’s third child is a boy, he and Heather are thinking of naming the boy David.

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