Police officer stops mom in car – then he notices her kids and asks her to get out

12 years ago, police officer Kevin Zimmerman swore to protect the citizens of Milwaukee.

Today, he has taken this promise to a whole new level.

When Kevin stopped a single mom of five in her car, he noticed that two of her young girls were traveling without car seats.

Normally this would have resulted in a ticket and a fine. In reality, the mom might not have been able to pay it, as she couldn’t even afford to buy car seats.

Instead, Officer Zimmerman did something that serves as an inspiration to us all.


When he stopped mom Andrella “Lashae” Jackson, his attention turned to her kids in the car.

He asked her why her two young daughters weren’t in car seats, to which she replied she couldn’t afford to buy any.

More than 100 tickets issued to drivers so far this year

“With bills coming up and winter coming up I have to get coats and boots and shoes, so it was hard for me,” Andrella told Today’s TMJ4.

It’s is a familiar scene for most Milwaukee officers, who this year have issued over 100 tickets to drivers with kids traveling without car seats; most of these tickets were for infants under 4 years old, according to TMJ4.

Thinking outside the box, though, Officer Zimmerman bought Andrella two car seats from the nearest superstore at a cost of $75. He even fitted the car seats for the struggling mom.

“He is awesome, I really love him, I really appreciate everything he did for us,” says Andrella.


For Officer Zimmerman it was no big deal.

“I didn’t do this to be praised. I did it because I’m a parent, and I don’t want anything to happen to these kids.

“I have three kids at home. If this was to happen to my kids I would be devastated for the rest of my life.”

Now these kids have a better chance at staying safe. The Centers for Disease Control and says car seats reduce the risk for injury in crashes by 71–82% for children, when compared with seat belt use alone.

The world needs more people like Kevin! He did something that could save the lives of these kids in the long run.

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