Pregnant mom films first ultrasound – then doctor orders her to turn off the camera immediately

When Jessica Capitani went to the hospital for her first ultrasound, she was bursting with joy.

Like many other expectant parents, she was curious and fascinated by the little human growing inside her belly.

“I thought the ultrasound that day was just to find out the sex of my baby. I was so naive and I didn’t think about the other things that ultrasounds are actually done for,” Jessica tells Little Things.

Jessica posed happily with the ultrasound photos together with her husband, Frank. They filmed it all with a VHS camera.

“We saw the male anatomy up there on the ultrasound screen. We couldn’t wait to broadcast it to everyone in the family,” Jessica remembers.

But just seconds later their happiness was torn apart.

Because just after the baby’s gender had been revealed, the doctor pointed at the screen and asked Jessica to turn off the camera.

“You probably don’t want to videotape this,” the doctor warned Jessica.

The reason why caused her heart to stand still.

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They soon discovered that Jessica’s son was battling with a host of complications.

Many of them weren’t life-threatening – but others were serious concerns.

The doctor explained that the little boy would be born with Downs syndrom, fluid on the brain and heart problems.

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For a long time, doctors weren’t sure if Jessica and Frank’s son would survive the birth. Jessica was asked if she wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

But despite the warnings from doctors and worried friends, Jessica chose to give birth to her son.

The birth went ahead with no complications, and the family never gave up hope that their miracle boy would pull through.

Their son Caden was born in 1995 – Jessica already had the name picked out. Caden, which means “fighting spirit” in Gaelic, was a fitting name for the newborm.

Because this little boy was one of a kind…

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Maybe it was the family’s unwavering hope that made Caden grow into a strong, healthy boy. He far surpassed all of his doctors’ expectations.

Nobody believed that the little boy would live a “normal” life, but time and time again, Caden has proved everyone wrong.

Today Caden is a real ray of sunshine who always sees the positive in life. He spreads joy and positive energy wherever he goes.

I’m so glad that Caden’s mom followed her instincts and did everything she could to bring Caden into the world. Now he’s a happy, joyful boy who brings sunshine into everyone’s lives.

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