Pregnant mother doesn’t believe her eyes when she sees the ultrasound: “Are you kidding me?”

First-time parents are especially nervous when they discover they’re pregnant.

They may read loads on the topic and have plenty of family and friends give them tips and guidance, but no real lesson is as important as the one you experience first-hand.

A good doctor or midwife encourages parents to trust their own instincts and dare listen to themselves; it is, after all, them who will do the “job”.

When Monica Price, who was already a mom, got pregnant for the third time, she thought she knew just how to do that. She thought she knew just what to expect.

But she was wrong.


Mother of two Monica and her husband knew all the steps and challenges that a pregnancy brings forth.

Having raised two toddlers, they were relatively experienced parents. But things would take a different turn when Monica became pregnant for the third time.

After 9 weeks and 4 days, the couple visited the doctor for their first ultrasound.

Ahead of the ultrasound, Monica confessed that she felt there was something different about this pregnancy, compared to her first two. She was keen on the ultrasound visit, because she could simply not shake her feelings that this time, something was different.

Shaken and nervous

When Monica lay down, it was obvious to everyone that the mother of two was nervous. She was shaking a little and holding her breath, waiting for the doctor’s assessment.

And Monica was right. Doctors soon indeed confirmed that this ultrasound was very different from her two previous ones. It takes Monica a few seconds to realize why, and she starts to cry when she realizes that her instinct was right.

It turned out that Monica not only had one baby in her belly, but two!

As Monica cries, her husband tensely stares at the screen in disbelief. He had also felt that something was different this time…

Watch the amazing moment these parents discover they’re having twins in the video below!

Isn’t it just unbelievable how a mom’s instinct could be so right! Congratulations Monica for this beautiful new addition to the family — talk about an unforgettable gift and memory for life!

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