Queen mega-hit performed by nervous young boy, forces judges to spin chairs around

When it comes to vocal-based talent shows, there are very few that promise the same excitement, passion and raw talent as The Voice.

Due to the fact the judges begin with their backs to the performers – and only spin around to see them if left impressed with their voices – any looks-based bias is removed.

This means that literally everyone has the same chance of impressing based on their singing ability alone, and it’s led to some truly fantastic auditions in the past.

People would have been forgiven for being sceptical when young Jesse Pardon stepped out onto the stage for The Voice of Holland Kids. By the time he’d belted out the first note, however, there could be no mistaking his aptitude …

YouTube / The Voice

Meet Jesse Pardon. Despite his tender years, he opted for a truly ambitious number when appearing for his first audition on The Voice of Holland Kids.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is no one’s idea of an easy tune to sing, let alone when you’re as young and inexperienced as Pardon.

YouTube / The Voice

Showing true grit, determination, and swathes of heart, however, Pardon took it on all the same. What’s more, no sooner had he started to sing than did the judges realize they had a special talent on their hands.

Jesse’s performance would have certainly left the legendary Freddie Mercury with a big smile on his face, and so it was no surprise when all four judges turned their chairs around to see him.

Watch the incredible performance here:

We know, wouldn’t life be great if we could all be so effortlessly gifted as Jesse here?

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