Robin Williams’ daughter got her father’s iconic character in the latest viral Disney filter

The world lost one of the greatest comic minds in 2014 when Robin Williams died.

The legendary comedian and actor was known for his outrageous stand up comedy and playing alien from the Planet Ork Mork in “Mork and Mindy.” The younger of you out there will remember him from Mrs Doubtfire and Hook.

He was nominated for four Academy Awards and won one for his role as psychologist Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting.

But in 2014 Williams took his own life after he was diagnosed with Diffuse Lewy Body Disease. He also suffered with depression, anxiety and paranoia; conditions associated with this kind of dementia.

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It’s that time of year again. Everyone who has dealt with loss knows the pain of certain anniversaries, moments full of memory that come round like clockwork and usurp all others, no matter how hard you may try to prepare for or avoid them. These weeks are the hardest for me, and thus, you’ll see me a lot less, if at all. For all the internet’s good intentions in expressing to me their fondness for dad, it’s very overwhelming to have strangers need me to know how much they cared for him right now. It’s harder still to be expected to reach back. So while I’ve got the strength, consider this my one open armed response, before I go take my yearly me time to celebrate his and my birthdays in peace. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for supporting him and his life’s work. Thank you for missing him. I do too. If you’d like to do something in his honor, volunteer at your local homeless shelter, or look up how to make homeless aid backpacks. Give one in his name. He’d have loved that. Otherwise some great orgs he loved include @cafoundation, @dswt and @reevefoundation. Mostly, try to spread some laughter and kindness around. And creatively swear a lot. Everytime you do, somewhere out there in our vast weird universe, he’s giggling with you… or giving a particularly fat bumblebee its wings. Happy early birthday, Poppo. Miss you every day, but especially these ones. ♥️

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He left three children Zachary, Zelda and Cody who often pay tribute to their much-adored father. In one of Zelda’s latest social media posts she displayed something that many were quick to point out her dad’s spirit around her.

The 30-year-old, who is an actress in her own right, tried out a recent  “Which Disney character are you?” filter and got something that was very much close to her heart.

Robin Williams voiced the iconic Genie

Zelda shared the results on her Twitter account in a video that shows the filter randomly landing on her father’s character from Aladdin, the Genie. Williams voiced the iconic character in the 1992 version of the movie.

Her followers were quick to point out that it must be a sign from her late father, with one user writing: “What are the chances? I like to imagine that was your dad’s doing, making you laugh to this day!”

Another follower wrote: “Dad’s saying hi.”

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If you asked 10 year old me, I don’t think she’d have had any idea what to expect of 30 year old me. Truthfully, the same could probably be said of 29 year old me too 😂 This last year has been full of so many changes, new adventures and great lessons, I’m pretty sure I’m a different woman leaving it than I was entering it. But as I leave my 20s behind, I can’t help but take stock of what I’m leaving with them, including but certainly not limited to: Many inches of hair, a lot of fear about my future and what I want to do with my life, self-consciousness about the fact I no longer fit into many pairs of jeans 😂 youthful, useful eyeballs (though my glasses game is now STRONG), and so many places I used to call home. I leave behind a decade of dancing with friends, crying, as often and openly as my heart needed to heal, eating as much amazing food as my once more active metabolism would allow, drinking with people who made me feel loved and safe, writing constantly and learning, as much as I could get my hands on. I leave behind one of the worst days of my life, and many amazing ones. And I leave behind a decade that helped me grow from being a wide eyed, precocious, old-souled young girl into a bright-eyed, capable and hopeful WOMAN. I don’t know what my 30’s hold for me. I stand, naked, at a new, unexplored precipice, excited and definitely questioning my spelunking abilities. But if the people standing beside me (and wondering why they’re naked too) are as amazing as those Ive spent the last decade with, then 30, BRING IT ON! Oh, and mama? Thank you to you and Dad for bringing me into this world and for always believing in me. I may not have always believed in myself, but HOLY SHIT, I do now!

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While another added: “You’re not the first person whose parents give you signs that they are watching you my dad does a similar thing. He lets my family know he is watching us by leaving white feathers behind and his favorite number seen randomly.”

Pure happiness post

And another concluded: “Her reaction is priceless. You could still see the happiness there.” 

Since Zelda posted her tweet more than 2.4 million people have watched it with 152,000 reacting to her display of pure happiness when the genie comes up. One user pointed out how much Zelda looks like her legendary father when she laughs.

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