Rory Feek’s daughters make secret confession after late wife’s death

Over two years ago, we mourned the loss of American country star Joey Feek. Husband and band partner Rory Feek was naturally among the most heartbroken.

The couple married in 2002 and have a beautiful daughter together named Indiana, who has Down syndrome. In addition to Indiana, the couple were also lovingly raising Rory’s two other children, Hope and Heidi.

Joey was just 40 when she lost her fight with cancer. Now her husband opens up about what it’s like to be without her today — and the challenges of having to raise their daughters alone.

The last two years have not been a walk in the park, Rory confesses. The father and musician is now taking care of Indiana, Heidi and Hope all on his own.

But Joey is never far from his mind.

“I feel just as married and just as in love, and I feel like she’s just as much of a part of our life as she was,” Joey tells CBS Sunday Morning.


Fortunately, Heidi and Hope are old enough to care for themselves. The aspiring songwriter was a single dad long before meeting Joey, and says that Heidi and Hope helped raise him as much as he raised them.

Now he’s got a second shot — and new challenges — to face, without Joey in the picture.

Indeed, Hope came forward to him soon after Joey’s death to confess she was a lesbian, and Heidi admitted to being an atheist. Both were difficult for the loving but religious and conservative father to handle.

But he chose love over beliefs and is patiently dealing with things one day at a time.

“Im learning I’m getting better. I got another shot at it,” he says.


For more on Rory Feek ‘going it alone’, watch the moving news report below. 

Joey Feek will continue to be sorely missed for years to come! Share this story along in her memory and to honor Rory’s amazing courage and strength with his new life surrounded by his daughters!