Rude airline passenger tells moms to shut up – then flight attendant does something that shocks everyone

Mom Marissa Rundell knew there would be challenges taking her baby on a plane. Just like all other parents of toddlers, she was a little anxious about flying with her 8-month-old son Mason.

Everything seemed to be going to plan and Mason was calm when Marissa took her seat. But suddenly the journey got turbulent when a fellow passenger took her seat.

Like Marissa, the woman had been seated at the back of the plane and was annoyed with her seat assignment.

“She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said “this is f****** ridiculous. It’s bulls**t having to sit in the back of the plane,”‘ Marissa told the Daily Mail.

Marissa asked the woman to refrain from swearing but was ignored.

“I said again please watch your language she told me to shut the f*** up and shove it. That’s when the flight attendant came over and asked what the problem was,” she added.

Then the woman told the attendant that she didn’t want to sit next to a baby and was furious.

Marissa Rundell / Facebook

Flight attendant Tabitha patiently listened to the woman’s complaints and then offered to seat the woman on the next plane, which made her even more furious. That’s when she threatened to have the attendant fired, asking for her details and telling her that she might not have a job the next day!

Tabitha was happy to oblige and gave the rude passenger her details.


Soon Tabitha had had enough and stated told the woman she would have to get off the plane. The angry passenger apologized and asked the flight attendant to reconsider.

Tabitha called a gate agent and asked to have the woman removed from the plane.

The rude passenger continued to try and talk her way out of the situation, but a few minutes later, she returned to her seat to get her belongings and left the plane.

Marissa, on the other hand, is forever grateful for all the help she received from Delta Airlines.

“The flight crew was absolutely incredible,” Marissa told the Daily Mail.

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