Rude woman fat-shames fellow passengers by calling them ‘2 pigs’ – gets kicked off plane

New Year’s Day, 2019. Norma Rodgers and a travelling companion were preparing to take off on a United flight from Las Vegas to New Jersey.

Norma and her male friend were separated from each other by a passenger sitting in the seat between them. Sadly, it didn’t take long for said passenger to prove herself an extremely rude person.

As the plane was taxying toward the runway, the middle passenger began speaking on the phone, and in doing so unleashed a barrage of insults not so subtly aimed at Norma and her friend …

YouTube / Inside Edition

“I can’t sit here because they’re both so big,” the woman said. “Left and right. I can’t even sit here.”

She went on to say she “couldn’t breathe,” because she was “so squished”.

“I’m stuck, but at least they’ll keep me warm,” she finished.

Norma’s response

Hurt and annoyed, Norma recorded the whole thing on her phone. She also asked a flight attendant to try and find the woman a different seat on the plane.

“I eat salad,” the woman rudely answered after finally getting up.

Naturally, the other passengers were appalled by the woman’s behavior, and rightly defended Norma and her companion. The video ended up going viral online, garnering some two million views as people also leapt to Norma’s defence.

You can see the footage for yourself in the video below:

There’s simply no place in this world for fat-shaming, nor any other sort of bullying!

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