School official gives foster girl life-changing news – then security cam footage goes viral

Everyone deserves a home and a family. But sadly, some children grow up with neither.

These children are often tossed between foster homes and families, and live with the constant fear that they’ll soon have to move again.

You can only imagine how a foster kid would feel getting the message that they’ve been waiting for their entire life — that two wonderful parents want to adopt them.

But that’s exactly what happened to Tannah Butterfield — and the touching moment when the found out was caught on camera.

Now, this clip is spreading all over the internet.

A long adoption process

Tannah Butterfield is an 11-year-old girl from South Jordan, Utah.

Tannah had spent two years living with the same foster parents. They had been trying to adopt her for the longest time, but every time, a new obstacle appeared.

The situation was especially tough for Tannah, who wanted more than anything to stay. Everyday, she worried if she’d get to permanently stay or if she’d be forced to move again.

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The light at the end of the tunnel

But then one day while Tannah was in school, everything changed.

The school’s principal, Jackie Alexander — who not only knows Tannah’s situation well, but also shares a strong bond with her — received a special call from her foster mother.

A judge had finally approved Tannah’s adoption application and the girl’s foster mom asked Jackie to tell her the good news.

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An unforgettable moment

As soon as Tannah walked into the principal’s office, Jackie broke the news.

The moment the little girl realized what was happening is priceless, and luckily, the school’s security cameras managed to capture it.

“Our security cameras caught the moment perfectly. I cry as I type this,” Jackie wrote on Instagram. “In 12 years at this job, this is by far my best moment ever!! To tell a little girl that she gets her family forever takes the cake.”

Image Source: YouTube

It’s hard not to be moved by the footage.

Tannah’s reaction to the life-changing news is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The way she jumps into Jackie’s arms is just heartwarming.

“I can’t even describe that hug,” Jackie writes. “And thank heavens her mom doesn’t mind that I kissed her a million times, and a million more after the film cuts off.”

Image Source: YouTube

Spreading the love

At a time where it feels like all we hear are negative stories in the news, it’s refreshing to hear a story like this one. Principal Jackie agrees.

“A moment needed after waking up to another morning of devastating news on TV,” Jackie wrote. “But a sweet reminder today that life can be and still is beautiful in spite of it all. ”

Watch the emotional clip here:

This is just so beautiful to watch — everyone deserves a home and a family!

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