Idiot teacher wouldn’t let teenage girl visit bathroom: Girl posts this on Facebook in outrage

When this girl needed to use the bathroom, her teacher refused to let her leave the classroom.

I used to have teachers like that too. I told my kids that if it was an emergency they were to go even if the teacher said no and the teacher would be getting a phone call from me.

I don’t send my kids to school to be humiliated!

The outrage ”Sam” posted on Facebook in response to this teacher is amazing.

Disgusting how a teacher can deny someone their basic human right to use the bathroom. Read this!

The parents of that young man who help that young lady should be very proud of him. When it comes time for him to get married his wife will be very lucky. As for the young lady, I’m sorry you had such a nasty teacher.

The young man should be thanked and the teacher suspended! Pass this response on and share on Facebook if you agree!