She’s 81, he’s 22 – now their unusual friendship is causing hearts to melt

They say that love has no age limit, and you can say the same thing about friendship. Because after all, age isn’t something that determines how much people like each other.

Spencer Sleyon is a 22-year-old rapper from Harlem. His best friend is 81-year-old Rosalind Guttman, and together they’re helping the world understand that age is just a number.

When a bunch of young guys were talking about friendship, 22-year-old Spencer stopped the conversation when he told them that his best friend is an 81-year-old lady in a retirement home. Even though calling her his “best friend” might be a little strong, Spencer wasn’t joking. He has a close friend called Rosalind who is 81 years old.

“When I met her, it was so natural. It wasn’t like anything spectacular or different than you speaking to one of your friends,” he tells the New York Times.

Talked about interests, plans and dreams

They came into contact with each other while playing Words With Friends online. After playing many times together, the two got in the habit chatting during games. They talked about plans, activities and about Spencer’s dream of pursuing a music career, which Rosalind fully supported.

“Whatever you want out of life, just go grab it,” Rosalind told her friend.

Moved and lost contact

Later, Spencer decided to wholeheartedly follow his dreams and move to New York. After the move, Spencer didn’t have time to play online games, but his friend Rosalind was still on his mind. So one day when Spencer’s friend’s mom heard him talking about Rosalind, she was so moved that she decided to arrange a meeting between the friends.

And she did. Spencer and Rosalind finally met.

Spencer shared his experience about meeting his 81-year-old friend Rosalind on Twitter, and when the media found out about the unusual friendship, his post went viral.


This proves that age is really just a number. Friendship can come in the most unexpected forms, and it’s amazing. Please share this lovely story with your friends!

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