Sisters install hidden cameras in mom’s care home – horrified by what staff are caught doing

There comes a time in so many people’s lives when they just can’t care for themselves anymore.

It can be a tough decision for family members on the best course of action but ultimately they have to do what’s best for all concerned.

When Joy Lewis’ Alzheimers got so bad and she needed round the clock care her daughters had no choice but to look at residential homes.

But over time visits to see their elderly mother told them something wasn’t quite right so they installed a hidden camera to find out what was really going on.

The footage was so disturbing they had no choice but to call the police. The images have shocked the world and now they’re calling for tougher sentences for those careworkers who abuse the elderly.


Joy Lewis, 71, from Nottinghamshire, England, was moved into a care home by her daughters.

Joy seemed to be happy until her daughters noticed bruises on her wrist and her skin was covered in bed sores.

Her daughters installed a hidden camera that was disguised as a clock and put it next to their mom’s bed.

The Mirror

The footage caught by the secret camera was heartbreaking. They showed three nurses verbally abusing joy, refusing the diabetic food and drink and ignoring her pleas that she needed the bathroom.

They also forcefully grabbed her by the wrists and dragged her out of bed, all why Joy was crying.

Disturbing images

The nurses involved were brought to justice and now her daughters are calling for cameras to be installed in all residential homes for the elderly.

The video below shows some of the disturbing images Joy’s daughters caught, which some readers may find upsetting.

The nurses admitted what they had done but were given suspended prison sentences and ordered to carry out community service, according to The Mirror newspaper.

I hope these women are never allowed to work in the same environment again.

Please share this story to encourage more relatives to act if they suspect any kind of abuse in any care home for the elderly. These people cannot get away with such a terrible crime.