Sneaky janitor has to clean gym – looks down in trash can and can’t believe his eyes

For a school to run properly, different people with different skill sets are needed — from teachers to administration to kitchen staff.

But one skill set that is not always highlighted despite the fact that they are doing a very important job are janitors. But thankfully, this didn’t seem to escape students and staff at Anderson County High school in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, where janitor Rick Spaulding works.

Ricky, as he’s called, appreciates his job at the school. He is known to be a very caring man who cares about others around him. But at the same time something was missing.

His son worked in Italy and he hadn’t seen him in a year. He missed him very much, and this was exacerbated by the fact that his son had had a child and he was yet to meet his own grandchild.

For Ricky and his wife, it was difficult to save the money needed to travel to Italy from the United States.

But, luckily, Ricky happens to have the best colleagues in the world…

Photo: YouTube

When the school learned of Ricky and his wife’s situation, they decided to do something amazing. Together, students, school staff and parents collected $1,900 for the couple — so they could make their trip to Italy and visit their son and grandchild!

Naturally, they prepared the big surprise behind his back. Then one day, they asked him to come to the gymnasium to do some work. But keep an eye on the garbage bin and his reaction when he looks down in it…

What a wonderful gesture that reflects just how kind and compassionate people can indeed be!

All grandparents should be able to afford to see their grandchildren from time to time. Please share if you agree.