Soldier rushes home to meet newborn daughter, walks in hospital room and freezes

Becoming a parent is a magical moment for anyone. It’s also the moment that your life changes in an instance.

In the lead up to the big day, some may feel that they’re completely ready. But you never know just how hard the moment will actually hit you.

This was definitely the case for soldier Jake Osborne, who was suddenly flown home one night from active service in Afghanistan.


Jake and his wife Chelsea were thrilled to find out that they were expecting their first child. Sadly, only a month later Jake was deployed to Afghanistan. His deployment meant that he missed out on the pregnancy. As the time for his daughter to be born drew nearer, it even looked like he would miss the birth.


As a military wife, Chelsea was used to her husband not being present for family events and special occasions. When the day came for their daughter to be born, she prepared to give birth without him. Jake’s sister and Chelsea’s family gathered round to offer support.

Then on May 12, Jake describes being woken up by his commander. He was told to pack his bags and prepare to be sent home on leave. Jake was speechless!


He was sent home on a flight only two days later. But on his way home, he received a call from Chelsea that changed his life. His precious daughter was waiting for him!


No matter who you are, there are some things in life that will stop you in your tracks. Just look at Jake’s reaction when he reaches the door of the hospital room where his daughter is waiting to meet him.

I’m tearing up watching this reunion. What a blessing that this beautiful family got a chance to be together and celebrate this precious moment.

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