Two women get spontaneous makeovers on the street: The results amaze everyone

Getting pampered or getting a makeover could lift anyone’s spirits, both on the superficial and deeper levels.

Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to get a whole new look from professional stylists?

And sometimes the offer can come faster than you can imagine.

Lourdes Hembrick is 52 years old and lives in Texas with her husband. She was standing on the street watching the “Today Show” being filmed when she was randomly picked out of the crowd and offered a makeover.

The nursing school student was a little hesitant at first, but she was also excited about what the stylists would do.

Two women were picked for the Today Show, which is broadcast live from New York City.

First up was Lourdes Hembrick from Texas.

Lourdes looked forward to her transformation, but her husband was nervous.

He liked her graying hair and admitted that he didn’t want the stylists to color it.

But the moment he saw his wife’s new look? He had to admit that she looks amazing!

The husband’s priceless response is not-to-be missed. In that moment, you can really see how happy he is for his wife.

She can’t hold back the tears, either, after seeing her hubby react to her new look. This couple quickly won everyone’s hearts!

The next woman up was Pam Kincheloe, who has juggled several careers and has been a nurse, midwife and lawyer.

She acknowledges that she hasn’t had a good hairdresser for quite some time, so she hasn’t changed her appearance in a long time.

She went to the plaza with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter and got a makeover that shocked everyone with her!

Check out their awesome transformations here:

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