Sports car refuses to let black pickup into his lane – driver gets ultimate revenge

Few things are as annoying for drivers as when others don’t show consideration on the road. Unfortunately, there exist plenty of motorists who are happy to simply ‘run their own race’, so to speak, and aren’t concerned with giving anyone else the mere notion of etiquette.

As a result, it’s hardly surprising that other drivers react to the selfishness from time to time, and seek to teach their counterparts a lesson in how to drive like a decent human being.

Such was the case when the owner of a black pickup got fed up with a sports car who refused to let him into a lane – and brought him back down to earth in a truly beautiful way.

In a clip that’s recently surfaced online, viewers can watch dashboard cam footage of a red Corvette refusing to let a black Dodge into its lane. To exacerbate things, whilst in the act of blocking the pickup, the driver of the red sports car then inexplicably rolls down his window, leans his arm out and gives his opposite number the finger.

Bad. Move.

The man in the pickup decides to promptly teach him a lesson. He twists his vehicle so that the rear is facing the Corvette, and proceeds to hit the sports car driver with a thick cloud of black smoke.

The encounter was filmed by another motorist, a few cars back, and, according to his statement, the act of revenge had precisely the desired effect… the Corvette then let the pickup into his lane.

“I was driving though traffic near Seattle and noticed a Corvette not wanting to let a Dodge merge over into the lane, so the Dodge pulled beside him. As the Corvette driving was rolling down his window and went to flip him off, the Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke you couldn’t even see the driver in the car. He did end up letting the truck over,” the driver who captured the film told UniLad.

Watch the clip in question below:

A timely reminder that all motorists should respect their fellow drivers on the road.

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