Step inside the tiny house on wheels that sleeps 6 people

We are all different when it comes to our home. Some of us like to stay in the same spot forever and build a family history in one place and others like to move around and explore different areas.

For those of us who want to explore different areas it’s hard to think about packing everything up and moving again. As the years go by and the kids grow up, we accumulate more and more stuff.

But what if you could just do this once and move into a house on wheels? You could then explore different areas and never have to think about packing one single box.

Now a company has come up with the very solution, and you won’t believe how luxurious this tiny house is on the inside.

Rustic River Park Homes is behind the house, which are not normal houses but tiny RVs ready to move to wherever your heart desires.

The word RV might conjure up all kinds of images in your mind and probably not anything very attractive, but these fully furnished homes are stunning.

Shot of the interior of one of the River Run RV homes.
Scenic View Park Cottages / Youtube

The kitchen is bright and spacious and opens up onto a porch. It offers plenty of space for storage, with full stainless steel appliances and and there’s even room for a breakfast bar with stools.

Other side of the interior of the River Run RV.
Scenic View Park Cottages / Youtube

The stylish granite counter top goes against any idea of the kind of kitchen you would normally find in an RV.

Comfortable seating and a fold away dining table can be found in the living room.

Light fills the room thanks to the abundance of windows surrounding the space and there’s even an office area tastefully tucked away in the corner.

Scenic View Park Cottages / Youtube

The kitchen leads into the downstairs bedroom with room for a queen bed and another wide window that lets in the sunlight.

The cabin comes with bunk beds and the master bedroom is upstairs in the loft space.

Scenic View Park Cottages / Youtube

It’s hard to believe that an RV can comfortably accommodate 6 people but after seeing inside this stunning tiny home, I can believe it.

This model is 43 feet long and 11 feet wide with prices starting at a reasonable $32,265 up to $$42,940 for a fully furnished and ready to go mobile home.

What do you think of this small but beautiful space? Could you comfortably live in one?

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