Storm footage goes viral after capturing figure “walking” through the clouds

Video footage has hit the web that has got religious believers, spiritual advocates and even atheists talking.

Solo Dolo decided to film a powerful storm raging outside her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but what she actually caught on camera has spread like wildfire on social media.

It wasn’t until she started filming a break in the clouds that she captured what’s been described as a mysterious figure “walking” across the sky.


Facebook/ Solo Dolo

During the video, not yet aware of the aforementioned mysterious figure, she says: “Hey, we’ve got a storm over here. We got no power, everything blowing over here, boxes, trees.”

It wasn’t until she posted it, however, that people watching the video pointed out the shadowy shape that appears to walk towards and then past the bright gap in the clouds.

Solo’s friend Lisa was the one who first suggested that she’d captured something truly remarkable.

On Facebook, Solo said: “Can’t tell me my God ain’t real! Thank you God for using Lisa StandAlone Baker to reveal this to me. Too see this is to believe this.”

But others weren’t so sure. One Twitter user replied: “Man, I watched the video more than seven times, I don’t see anything… maybe it’s my phone. I don’t know.”

Take a look for yourself in the video below and make your own decision:

However you interpret this video, if you can make out the figure then it certainly offers fuel for debate. Share this with your friends and family if you agree.