Superintendent finds out paint job will cost schools $150,000 – so decides to do it himself

Most of us would rather take on a simple DIY job ourselves, as opposed to paying someone to do it. If the job isn’t too complicated it makes perfect sense to save the money.

Painting falls into this category; it requires a few basic skills and minimal equipment, but most of us can manage a passable interior paint job.

Dr. David Harnish was faced with such a predicament, only in his case what needed painting was slightly bigger than just an average house – he decided he was going to paint the Martin Public Schools he was superintendent of and save the Michigan district a total of $150,000.

It had been 17 years since the schools were last painted, so this wasn’t any simple two-day job. It required one generous man to give up his entire summer and work 90 hours each week!

After hearing how much it would cost to have professional painters complete the job, Dr. Harnish was concerned that the money would come out of funds needed to pay teachers and fund student supplies.

“That $150,000 would have taken away from kids, or the potential for us to take care of our staff,” he said in an interview.

So he decided to do the job himself, hiring students to help him do it for a fraction of the price. Those that took part learned what it’s like to take pride in their school and help care of the campus.

“It’s neat to be able to give some of these seniors an opportunity to do some of the summer work too,” Dr. Harnish said.

Watch Dr. Harnish and his team of helpers work tirelessly to improve their schools in the video below:

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