Teacher posts video of naked child’s butt online – parents see red and sues daycare center

It’s always hard finding that perfect daycare setting for your child. But when you’ve selected the right one that you believe will help your child grow in a loving and safe environment, you immediately put your trust in the staff at that center.

For mom Shannon Galofaro she thought she had found the best setting for her 2-year-old daughter Makala but a shocking piece of evidence came to light that has left her sweet baby girl in therapy.


A 21-year-old teacher took a video of Makala’s naked butt during nap time, and shared it with her followers on Snapchat.

“My daughter sleeps with her butt in the air, kind of, y’know, like the baby position,” Shannon explained. “Her underwear was around her ankles, and her dress was to her midriff, and this woman wrote, ‘This girl’s ready for a three-day weekend,’ and put an emoji over her face.”

Shannon said she was told one week after the incident and was left in shock. School officials called her in and said her pants must have slid down just a little bit and they didn’t mean anything by it.

“It was child pornography,” she said adding that staff told her the delay in telling her was due to them carrying out their own investigation.

“Their own investigation consisted of deleting evidence, not contacting the police, not contacting social services; they waited until the footage in the classroom had deleted itself,” added Shannon.

Shannon said her daughter was now in therapy twice a week, and Shannon has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the day care center.

Shannon was outraged when she found out that video of her daughter's naked butt had been shared online. Then she learned the school tried to cover it up.

Posted by LittleThings on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

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