Teacher receives her lost bag in the mail. But when she lifts the package, she sees something more

Occasionally, we accidentally leave something you own behind. This can, of course, be a most stressful experience. Your heart sinks and panic soon crawls in. You begin to realize just how important that thing might be, and frantically try to recover it. You search desperately, whether under your couch or by rushing back to the store you suspect you may have left it in.

One person who is familiar with this panic-rollercoaster is Lindsay Jones from Texas, USA.

She was coming home from a restaurant when she suddenly realized something that immediately made her heart sink.

Her purse was missing.

Lindsay only realized this as she drove home from northern New Mexico. She had just finished a week’s vacation and was on her way home again.

She stopped at fast food restaurant Chick-File-A to have a quick lunch with her family.

After eating, the family returned to the car to continue their trip to Texas. Three hours later, they stopped at a gas station to refuel. That’s when Lindsay realized that her bag was missing!

She realized that she must have forgotten it at the restaurant.

She immediately called Chick-file-A and explained the terrible situation. A restaurant employee answered – and what they told her filled her with deep relief.

Posted by Lindsey Jones on Monday, 3 October 2016

The employee, Darcey Cuellar, explains:

“I was working in drive-through and heard the phone ring. She was very close to her and said she was three hours away and had forgotten her bag with us,” Cuellar told KAMC News.

That’s when she gave Lindsay the calming message – her bag was safe and well in their restaurant.

Relieved, Lindsay apologized for the trouble and asked if they could mail it to her as soon as possible. The branch manager, Casey Kovar, promised to send it that same evening.

Realizing she surely needed her purse pronto, the manager went down to the local FedEx office himself to make sure the purse was safely on its way to Lindsay.

Lindsay expected she would need to provide her account information in order to arrange for the payment of the delivery. But Casey instead told her that it had already been settled.

Then, the story took a surprising turn after a very grateful Lindsay took to Facebook to share her story. She took “1,000 percent” responsibility for leaving her bag at the restaurant, and praised Casy for his wonderful response:

“He brought my bag to the FedEx office himself and sent it as a recommended and priority letter overnight. Since it was Saturday and my bag is quite big and weighs just over three kilos, you can imagine that this was NOT a cheap shipping.

However, the staff at the restaurant had plans other than to “just” send back the bag. They wanted to surprise Lindsay, and in the package they let down some nice surprises that she would discover. Of course, she had no idea, and she was only happy to get her bag back to release the panic.

When the package reached Lindsay’s door, she was clearly very happy! But when she lifted her bag, she saw something more:

There, the staff had added six different coupons so that she could eat for free at the restaurant and two small ornamental shoes. What kind of employees came up with such a thing!

“My bag was not only raised by good and honest people. It also turned out that they completely wanted to help me with a problem like 1 000 percent was my own fault! So thank you, thank you Darcy and Casey because you are so amazing!

They did not just fill the bag with free vouchers – they also filled Lindsay’s heart with gratitude.

As my family and I traveled back to Lorena from Taos, NM, we stopped at this Chick-fil-a restaurant to grab lunch to-go….

Posted by Lindsey Jones on Saturday, 6 January 2018

Such helpful heroes! They give hope to all the honest people out there.

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