Teacher sees pupil riding bike on busy highway – slams on her brakes when she sees the terror on his face

Teachers have such a crucial role in society, they are the inspiration for our young people, helping to shape their minds and encourage them.

Most of them will tell you how much they care for their kids and that feeling doesn’t go away when the kids go home.

When one teacher saw a young boy from her school pedaling frantically on his bike down a busy highway, she knew there was something wrong.

Thank goodness she was there at that time to help him.

troubled boy cycling on the road
Facebook/Greenville County Schools

Teacher Keller Sutherland recognized the boy as Cameron, former student of hers.

When she spotted the 7-year-old riding his bike on a busy highway she just had to stop and ask why.

Cameron’s father was diabetic, and sometimes he would have episodes that would render him unable to look after himself.

teacher helps troubled student
Facebook/Greenville County Schools

Unfortunately, this happened to his dad when the only other person around was Cameron.

Cameron ran to their neighbors’ houses for help but they weren’t home.

Starts a 5-mile journey on a busy highway

Then he tried to call 911 but couldn’t get past the code on his dad’s phone so his only option left was to cycle 5 miles to his grandma’s house.

As this brave 7-year-old was riding his bike down a busy highway with trucks and cars, teacher Keller Sutherland spotted him and thankfully stopped.

teacher helps student save dad

The Ellen Woodside Elementary School teacher stopped Cameron and asked him why he was out on his bike alone.

In an interview with Greenville News, Keller said that Cameron had remained calm and wasn’t even crying through his ordeal.

“He was the bravest little boy I have ever seen,” she added.

Special class held by the principal

Emergency services were immediately called and they arrived at Cameron’s home just in time to help his dad.

The incident prompted the school principal to hold a special class for the whole school on how to call 911 in an emergency and override the passcode.

As you can see the below video of brave Cameron and the teacher who helped him has been viewed over 57,000 times.

It’s so wonderful to hear how these two inspire each other. Teachers help to enrich so many kids’ lives.

Please share to pay tribute to this extremely brave and smart 7-year-old and for all the teachers out there who work tirelessly to help our kids in so many ways.