Teen kills 2 people in car crash – then writes 10 words on Facebook that stun everyone

Last year on March 30, a teenager was involved in a fatal car crash, which was reported on by a number of publications, including the Daily Mail.

The incident was shocking enough in itself, but what the 18-year-old girl posted on Facebook caused outrage across the world.

According to officials in California, alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the incident, which happened when the teenager ran a stop sign and T-boned another car, killing the two occupants.

It seems that the speed of the vehicle also wasn’t a factor. But just hours later, the teenager took to Facebook and wrote something that shocked many people.


The teenager was driving her two friends in a blue Honda when she ran through the stop sign and hit a Toyota.

Two men in the other car died and the teenager and her two friends were taken to the hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries. It’s unclear why she didn’t stop, and she wasn’t charged with any crimes.


The teen then took to Facebook and wrote about the event for all to see. Her words upset many. “I’m all over the news bad car crash 2 died,” she bragged on Facebook, as reoprted by KTLA.

Police investigators said they also believed the teenager wasn’t using her phone while driving. The whole incident remains a mystery.

It’s not the first time a teenager has turned to social media in connection with a fatal crash. In October 2015, a 19-year-old wrote: “I jus killed a man” and “RIP” after a 16-year-old died. He also posted an image of the boy, which, of course, upset the family.

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