Teen shows Prince Harry and Meghan Markle something that leaves them open-mouthed with shock

From the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married they have continued to prove what an engaged and down-to-earth couple they are.

It seems they love nothing more than meeting new people, especially young people.

As a royal couple they must get so many gifts along the way from their adoring fans and instead of handing them to their staff they’ve insisted on carrying them or in some cases wearing them.

Remember the pasta necklace made for Meghan by a 6-year-old that she went onto wear to the Government House in Australia?

Now a teenager has left the gorgeous couple shocked and stunned after presenting them with something they never expected.

During a trip to Ireland the royal couple stopped at Trinity College where they met 19-year-old art student Chloe Mullins.

She had been told that the royal couple couldn’t accept gifts, but she had a special picture she wanted to show them anyway.

‘Can we have it, are you sure?’

The talented artist had used one of Harry and Meghan’s engagement photos to create the most amazing drawing. So amazing you have to look twice to check it’s not a photo.

Prince Harry saw it first and called Meghan over to look at it, according to Tip Hero. They were both left open mouthed and asked if they could have it.

An excited Chloe posted about her experience on Twitter saying, “They took my drawing? he was like ‘can we have it are you sure?’”

She also posted about her unique experience on Instagram saying, “Ya girls artwork going in Kensington Palace? Delighted to have gotten to talk to them and have them keep my drawing? they’re genuinely so nice!!!”

The story immediately caught the attention of U.K. media and the story quickly spread around the world.

Chloe was able to get photos and video from the exchange, something I’m sure she will treasure forever.

In true Prince Harry style he joked that Chloe had given him more hair in the picture, a comment that caused Meghan to laugh.

Such an amazing honor to know that her artwork will be displayed in Kensington Palace! What an amazing artist this young girl is, we can’t wait to see what she draws next.

Please share with all the royal fans you know. Further proof that this couple really are prince and princess of the people.