Teenager steals parents’ debit card and pays to have them killed

The bond between a child and their parents can become strained on occasion. I can remember having no end of arguments with my mom and dad whilst growing up, which I’m sure isn’t an experience confined to me alone.

Yet such things are natural within any family, and sooner or later such quarrels sort themselves out.

Which is why it’s so disturbing that a 17-year-old girl has been arrested and charged after reportedly stealing money from her parents and using it to pay people to kill them.

Alyssa Michelle Hatcher, from Florida, was arrested on Monday (September 9) and charged with two counts of criminal solicitation for murder.

The Lack County Sheriff’s Office say Hatcher was charged after a young witness reported her to a school resource officer. Said witness told how the 17-year-old had given a friend ‘a lot of money’ to source someone to kill her mother and father.

Umatilla Police Department arrested Hatcher after the tip off, fortunately before any harm befell her unsuspecting parents.

An investigation has since discovered that Hatcher did indeed steal a debit card from her parents, thereafter making two withdrawals from their account, The first was for $503 and the second for $926.40.

The arrest affidavit found the funds were given to two separate individuals in the hope that they would murder Hatcher’s parents.

Hatcher’s boyfriend reportedly told authorities that his girlfriend had last been seen Monday morning at the house of a known drug dealer. It was there that she told him she wanted her mom and dad killed.

The 17-year-old confessed in an interview that she had stolen the debit card and made the two transactions. $100 of the first transaction was used to buy cocaine, whilst $400 was given to a friend so they could find someone to carry out the hit.

As it transpired, however, the first person didn’t carry out the deed, so Hatcher is said to have given a further $900 to an unnamed ‘black male’ to complete the task instead.

Sheriff’s office sergeant Fred Jones said in a statement: “As the investigation progressed it was learned that the suspect Alyssa Hatcher solicited two different individuals to kill her parents.

“According to investigators the juvenile suspect stole her parents debit card and made two separate transactions withdrawing funds to pay the individuals to carry out the murder.

“The juvenile suspect was placed in custody and transported to the Lake County Jail where she was processed and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.”

The world can be a scary place sometimes. I can’t imagine an instance wherein I’d want to do harm to my parents.

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