Terminally ill veteran sits alone in bare apartment – then a stranger at the door reduces him to tears

Air Force veteran Ron Hyde had endured numerous bouts chemotherapy before making the tough decision to stop. He wasn’t sure how long he had left to live, and wanted to enjoy his time instead of battling the cancer that would claim his life.

As he sat on a used mattress in his bare apartment, he was grateful for a roof over his head. Then a trip to Goodwill to buy a $25 chair led to an act of kindness that would change the last chapter of his life completely…



Ron purchased a chair from the store, but couldn’t find anyone with a vehicle large enough to drive it to his home in El Cajon, California. Fortunately, a woman in his area heard about his struggle and took to social media to appeal for help.

Strangers surprised an Air Force veteran with a gesture that brought him to his knees! 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV United States Air Force

Posted by Hannah Mullins on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Little did Ron know just how overwhelming the response would be. Two days after his Goodwill purchase, a large U-haul arrived outside his apartment complex. Strangers from Hyde’s community began unloading the truck, bringing all kinds of furniture and home essentials through Hyde’s front door.

As Ron watched people stock his pantry with food and assemble a new bed in his room, he was overcome with emotion. The veteran choked back tears of joy.

“Who knows how much time he has left?” one helper said, as cozy home furnishings were brought in. “But we can at least make it comfortable — he doesn’t have to live on a mattress in the corner.”

Ron described the kind gesture as “a little miracle.”

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Now Ron can rest and recover in a home rather than a cold, isolated space. It’s hard enough having to endure a terminal illness alone, but when you’re reduced to sleeping on a mattress on the floor? That doesn’t even bear thinking about. Thanks goodness for these caring and generous people who helped a stranger in need.