The brothers who have become a lifeline for victims of domestic abuse

When two California brothers who own a moving company were called out to help a woman who wanted to leave her home, they had no idea the scene they were about to enter.

The woman was trying to flee an abusive relationship and as the two movers walked into her home they were met with flying objects from her very angry partner.

It was an emergency situation, said Aaron Steed, who founded Meathead Movers with his brother Evan in 1997.

“He accused us (the woman’s partner) of stealing his items. He screamed for us to put things down. A toaster oven was thrown,” he said.

Thankfully they got out of the house safely with the woman and her belongings but it made the brothers realize that they could offer a lifeline to more people trying to get away from a violent household.

Evan and Aaron had started their moving company as a way of earning extra cash in high school when they were playing sports but today it’s become a thriving business.

The successful siblings employ student athletes working their way through college and offer free emergency moves for those wanting to escape abusive relationships across California.

In 2019, they were able to move 60 families in domestic abuse situations, in partnership with a number of shelters across the state including the Marjaree Mason shelter.

Meathead Movers

Marjaree Mason’s executive director, Nicole Linder, told CNN: “It takes partners like Meathead Movers to step up. What I appreciate is that they challenged others to lead the way.

“It is imperative that businesses donate part of their time and resources so that survivors can lead a successful life.”

One such survivor is Dulce Flores who was able to escape her abusive household with the help of Meathead Movers. Since, she has found a safe home for her and her two children, returned to her studies and became a certified tax preparer.

“They wouldn’t let me lift a thing! Not even light stuff. They said, ‘No, it’s an honor to be here,’

“I want abusers to know there are people like Meathead Movers that will stand up and help people who feel trapped in their home, being abused by the person supposed to love them,” she told CNN.

The company now employs and mentors more than 700 people, with yearly revenue exceeding $20 million. These two kind-hearted entrepreneurs are hoping their business model will inspire others.

“If you are able to find a way to express purpose, to make a change, there will be so much purpose in your life,” Aaron said. “It brings way more purpose and passion to a business than just moving around some boxes.”

Isn't this how your move should be???

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These two brothers are such an inspiration by giving back to their community and really making a difference.

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