Thieves steal beloved item from young boy’s grave, then two bikers do the right thing

Losing a child is a horror no parent should ever have to suffer. For Lansing, Michigan couple Isaac and Michelle they went through the unimaginable when their six-year-old son Zion passed away in 2013.

When it was time to lay their son to rest grieving parents Isaac and Michelle wanted to make sure to surround his grave marker with some of the things Zion loved, those toys that had brought comfort to their precious son.


The main toy in the display surrounding Zion’s grave was a plastic light-up firetruck that helped soothe little Zion when he was too afraid of the dark to fall asleep.

As if that wasn’t enough pain for Isaac and Michelle to bear, Zion’s special truck was stolen from his grave. His parents were so distraught they turned to local media to help them. An appeal was put out and the response from those that wanted to help was overwhelming.

And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, a few days after their public appeal two bikers, who were not known to Isaac and Michelle, arrived in their hometown to make a special delivery.

Zion’s parents were told to meet the bikers at the cemetery so they could give them the wonderful surprise. Watch the video below to see how these complete strangers helped a couple in pain.

No parent should have to experience this and what these two strangers did for this couple helps restore our faith in humanity.

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