This Hollywood couple’s love story continues through three decades, but what is their secret?

It feels like the media is saturated with stories about celebrity couples breaking up and starting new relationships; it’s often hard to keep track of who is dating or married to who.

But for one veteran Hollywood actor and heartthrob he has remained with the same lady for three decades.

Sam Elliott, who has appeared in over 50 movies including The Big Lebowski, Mask and Road House, has acted alongside many beautiful leading ladies, but through it all the tall, deep-voiced actor has only ever had eyes for one woman.

Most people have no idea that 73-year-old Sam Elliott has been married to The Graduate star Katharine Ross for this long. Their loving relationship could be taken from the script of a Hollywood romance.


Sam spotted the love of his life when she landed the leading part in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, released in 1969, alongside Hollywood heartthrobs Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Meanwhile Elliott had a role he described as just a “shadow on the wall.”

He said, “All I could do was just watch Katharine come and go. I never spoke to her. I never would even think to speak to her.”

They finally got introduced on the set of horror movie The Legacy nine years later. The couple immediately hit it off and married six years later.

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They’ve both forged successful acting careers in their own right, raised a daughter and stayed happy together throughout, but life isn’t a picture perfect postcard all the time.

“It is really hard, especially when one is working and the other is not,” Elliott tells the San Francisco Chronicle

“I am working now more than I have ever worked, and Katharine is not working.”

But the actor says Katharine is “a pretty stable girl who has been around the block,” and they have “mutual love and a mutual respect.”


Now the couple are sharing the screen again, decades after their first meeting on set, and this time they’re playing husband and wife together. They played exes in The Hero and have acted together in the play Love Letters, which Elliott describes as “one of the highlights of my career.”


Sam Elliott

Most Hollywood couples make staying together look virtually impossible but these two make it look easy! Please share this wonderful story of true love.