This image of two dads celebrating with their newly adopted son has gone viral

When couples consider adoption it’s a sad fact that most of them have babies in mind.

There are over 100,000 foster children waiting to be adopted, a number that has stayed fairly consistent for the last five years, according to the Adoption Network.

To a child family is everything, it’s their base for love and support and the foundation from which they grow.

But what about those kids who don’t get that love and support, are they then too damaged to be given a second chance in the loving home they deserve?

A couple in Rhode Island didn’t think so. The same-sex couple were shocked when they were given a list of kids they could choose from to foster.

But something drew them to the child with ADHD, ODD, and PTSD as well as a background of abuse.

Now their story is being shared and celebrated across the net.


The couple Gregg and Paul recently shared a picture of themselves with their newly adopted son Gavin.

Bored Panda

The spoke to Bored Panda about the obstacles they faced along the way and some of the cruel comments they received.

Paul said he met Gregg in October 2012 and after three months of dating moved to Rhode Island to be with him.

They both shared their dream of becoming a father and after months of discussions decided they wanted to adopt.

Bored Panda

The process wasn’t easy but thankfully Rhode Island had a fast-forward track program for people wanting to foster and adopt.

Asked to choose a child

They were able to complete the required classes for fostering in one weekend and were then cleared to become foster parents.

But their biggest battle was yet to come: being asked to choose a child.

Bored Panda

Paul told Bored Panda that the agency paired them with 5 children they believed were the most suitable for their family and told them to choose.

“We felt surreal being faced with choices like we were picking out a dog or a cat. It was a little unsettling to think this is how it worked.”

“The first child was Gavin. He had a rough history of abuse across the gambit of types. He has ADHD, ODD, and PTSD. We were told right up front that he would be the most difficult child and would require the most time, attention, and patience,” Paul said.

“We were then presented with all the minimum facts of the remaining children. Even now, I don’t think we could tell you what it was. Something about Gavin’s story spoke to me, got stuck in my head and I couldn’t get it out.”

Paul says he was shocked by all the positive comments and support they received, not just from their circle of friends but far wider.

“We have had our fair share of strange comments, hateful hurtful things ranging from he won’t grow up normal, he’s going to be picked on, and downright disturbing posts I won’t repeat,” he said.

‘Nothing to be ashamed of’

“Nothing would change what we are doing and have done in this regard and I take a lot of love in thinking that perhaps some kid out there who is struggling with his/her sexuality or has same-sex parents sees this as something that is possible, something that is acceptable and nothing to be ashamed of.”

See the beautiful montage of family photos from this great trio, leading up to Gavin’s official adoption day in February.

Every child deserves two loving parents and I’m so glad Paul and Gregg decided to adopt Gavin. Finally this boy has the security and support he deserves.

No matter what some people might think or say this strong family unit that helps, leans on, laughs with and loves each other is all that matters at the end of the day.

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