Three-year-old boy saves elderly neighbor trapped in basement for days

Eyas Tran is a 3-year-old boy who loves delivering newspapers to his next- door neighbor.

Every day he looks forward to ringing the bell and chatting with his favorite neighbor Peggy.

But when he spotted more than one newspaper outside Peggy’s house, he knew something was wrong and told his parents.

“We consider her family,” said Eyas’ mom Minh Tran of their elderly neighbor who lives alone.

Eyas Tran (WBZ-TV)

When Eyas was out walking with his moms Minh and Lindsey and noticed something wasn’t right he alerted his parents who then rang her doorbell and called her on her phone but no answer.

That’s when they called the police.

Officers arrived at Peggy’s home in New Hampshire to find that she had somehow managed to lock herself in the basement and had been trapped down there for 3 days.

‘Be more like Eyas. Check on your neighbors’

“It was just one of those freak accidents where the door closed behind her, and she was stuck downstairs,” Deputy Police Chief David Hobbs, told CBS News.

Peggy was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay but if it wasn’t for little Eyas who knows how long she may have stayed down there.

“We truly thank this young boy for his actions in alerting his mother,” said Deputy Chief Hobbs. “We just want to say to everybody else, be more like Eyas. Check on your neighbors. Look after each other.”

3-Year-Old NH Boy Helps Save Elderly Woman Trapped In Basement For ...

At just 3 years old Eyas could teach us all a few lessons on being a good neighbor.

It’s now more important than ever to check on our elderly neighbors who live alone and make sure they’re okay. Please share