Toddler spots friendly woman and decides to get closer – her reaction is causing hearts to melt

Toddler spots friendly woman and decides to get closer – her reaction is causing hearts to melt

Most of us have that childhood memory of talking to a stranger when we shouldn’t have. Children have such innocent minds and sweet hearts that they are often drawn to people with the same kindness.

In the case of little Isaiah, he was at a high school football game with his Aunt Star when he spotted a friendly looking woman and the sweet toddler just had to get closer.

The stranger’s reaction may not be what you’d expect but the images have lit up the internet. See for yourself how adorable they are.



Facebook/Thameka S. Miller

In her now-viral Facebook post, Star shared what happened and how heartwarming the stranger’s reaction was.

She wrote: “I don’t know who this lady is, but if you know her, tell her she’s awesome. Isaiah walked up to this lady at our last home game two weeks ago. He sat on her lap and they were talking like they knew each other. It lasted no more than 20 mins.

“However, she left right after halftime to meet up with her girl. Fast forward to tonight… not long after we sat down at the game Isaiah spotted her. She waved at him and he made his way up to her. I thought their interaction would be the same as last time but I was wrong…”

Facebook/Star Balloon-Bradley

Star said: “Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder. She welcomed him with open arms. This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like she had given birth to him. It was the sweetest! We asked her if she wanted us to get him but she kept telling us she (and he) was fine!

“She said he was her new friend. She then went on to say she only has one child who is 15, and moments like this are priceless!”

Star’s post spread quickly as everyone she knew tried to help her find this big-hearted lady. Once she had been identified, Star added to her post: “We found out who she is. Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady, y’all!”

Her post has attracted more than one million likes in appreciation of the wonderful example Angela is. Please share and help melt even more hearts.