Toddler stands with hands behind her back, music starts – then does an amazing Irish dance

Most of us can remember when the famous Irish dancer Michael Flatley took the world by storm performing his famous dance show “Riverdance.” And I think it’s fair to say that most of have tried to replicate his skillful moves at some point in our lives and might have been surprised at how hard it was.

The rigidity of the upper body coupled with intricate footwork makes it very impressive to watch. Well if you too are impressed with the Irish step you should watch this sweet 2-year-old move, she already has the makings of a professional Irish dancer.



This two-year-old was getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day dressed in the cutest green dress and a bow in her hair.

She stares over her shoulder at mom who is recording her darling little dancer. Then the music begins to play.


She uses the whole floor to show off her Irish dance skills as she points her toes perfectly. It’s clear this little girl has been practicing!

She looks at the camera and then spins with her back to her mom and doesn’t seem to get tired of moving to the happy Irish music playing in the background.

But just when you think this toddler couldn’t get any more talented, she finishes with quite a move!


Such talent for such a young age. See for yourself in the video below.

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