Toddler upstages professional dancers with moves, and his display has gone viral

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a child dance; their innocence and lack of inhibition as they move so effortlessly is a joyous thing to watch.

The video you’re about to see captured some serious moves from a toddler, who danced along with a group of professional dancers in China.

His impressive moves and ability to copy these professional women is astounding. The video has been watched by more than 1.5 million people who can’t believe this kid’s moves.

The dancers have their routine worked out perfectly as they move in unison on a red carpet in front of a giant billboard.

For this talented toddler the beat proves too much and he has to join in.


He not only copies some of these women’s moves as though he’s a professional dancer but adds some of his own.

This kid dances as though he’s been practicing these moves for weeks.

His performance is addictive; for a child of no more than three years old he puts on an impressive show.

He picks up these ladies’ moves with one glance and copies them without a foot out of place.

I can’t believe none of them are distracted by his expert performance. He gives these professionals a run for their money.

His energy and skill is so impressive for such a young child. But what really makes me want to watch this video over again is the pure joy he shows while dancing.

Despite him being on the other side of the world, for most of us, he shows that our love of dancing is universal.


The video has been watched by over 1.6 million people on YouTube with many commenting on how he’s better than the professionals.

One viewer said: “Whenever I’m sad I just watch this,” which sums up perfectly how joyous this display is.

See for yourself in the clip below and don’t forget to share it to help put a smile on the faces of all your loved ones.