Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson mark anniversary together, celebrate 32 years of love

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary last week, proving that long-lasting love isn’t a forgotten thing from a by-gone era.

2020 has already seen them both have to isolate after testing positive for COVID-19, but their commitment to each other remains just as strong as it ever was.

“This year, experiencing COVID-19 together was life-changing,” a source close to the couple reportedly told Entertainment Tonight.

“They had to ride the wave of an illness that could have killed one or both of them. Being apart from their children during the experience made them reflect on everything they have in life, especially each other.”

Hanks and Wilson toasted the occasion with a dinner at home – understandable, given the circumstances – but the simple things in life are all one needs so long as love is present.

“It has made them truly appreciate their love for one another and the life they have built,” the source added.

“Tom and Rita get so excited about their anniversary because it’s a reminder to them that they are blessed to have found a lifetime partner.

“Their friends always say, ‘They just both feel lucky to have each other.’”

Indeed, Hanks and Wilson’s romance is one that has stood the test of time despite the pairs’ obvious links to fame.

Explaining just why their bond remains as it does, the source said:

“They are always asked how they make their marriage work, and while they each have different reasons, the one thing they always agree on, is they support one another in their careers and family life and have remained in love.

“They know that can be no easy feat but it has come naturally for them. They both put in the effort and appreciate what they have.”

Congratulations, Tom and Rita, we’re so happy for you!

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