Truck driver shocked when mother opens door to restaurant – turns around and realizes that it’s an emergency

Childbirth can be a very special and wonderful experience. It is often said that the birth of a child is the best thing to happen to a couple, which isn’t a surprise as it brings a new, wonderful family member into the world.

But, you might not realize how wonderful the experience is if you’re a new mother forced to give birth on the floor of a restaurant — surrounded by people you’ve never met before in your life. This is exactly what happened to a young woman named Kaycee.

She was happily pregnant and her due date was approaching, but she still had a little time to go. Then, Kaycee started to feel strong contractions, and she began to panic. She was told that most babies don’t arrive until after hours of labor, but Kaycee wanted help and support from her own mother as her labor began to progress.

So, Kaycee and her sister got into the car and started to drive to where their mother was working. But her mother had misunderstood the message from her daughters and was already heading to the hospital to meet up with her pregnant daughter. Not realizing that her mother wasn’t there, Kaycee stepped into the restaurant and almost collapsed in the doorway — the baby was on its way!

Credit: Youtube.

Surprised by what was happening, two restaurant guests, truck drivers Peter and Fred decided to help the poor woman. They quickly realized their dinner plans were ruined, but they would have an evening they will never forget. Everyone in the restaurant was panicking, but not the truck drivers, who acted quickly. Fred stayed on the line with 911 while Peter checked the young woman’s progress. They discovered that the child was definitely coming soon!

However, the imminent birth was not what worried the two men the most. Peter realized that the child had started to turn blue because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. At the same time, Kaycee’s mother was on her way back to the restaurant to find and help her daughter.

Fred stayed on the phone with the 911 as the situation became dire. Peter then learned that he had to do the unthinkable.

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