Twin girls separated at birth – see their emotional reunion after a decade apart

I love to see a family reunion, watching the emotion of someone reconnecting with a relative they either lost touch with or didn’t even know existed is a beautiful sight.

In the case of Audrey Doering she was about to find out that not only did she have a sister but that sister was her twin.

Audrey’s adoptive mom Jennifer wanted to give her ten-year-old daughter a Christmas gift that included details from her family tree in China.

With the help of a Chinese researcher, the Wisconsin mom discovered a picture that made her jaw drop. On the lap of her foster mom she saw baby Audrey but next to her was a baby that looked just like her. She had a twin!

Image of infant twin girls.

Through social media Jennifer managed to track down the adoptive mother of Audrey’s twin Gracie and discovered she was living just across the country.

The Rainsberry family lived in Washington, and also had no knowledge their daughter Gracie was a twin.

Mom Jennifer did all she could to ensure the meeting between the two girls didn’t upset them too much by talking to specialists and speaking to families which had gone through similar situations. A doctor who had been helping the family adjust also confirmed that the girls were identical twins!

The girls chatted via video and over the phone to get used to each other and then a meeting in person was arranged on the show “Good Morning America.”

Audrey has three big brothers so was very excited to learn that she had a sister and Gracie was also the youngest child in her family and couldn’t wait to meet her twin. They told the show they had always felt there was something missing.

Find out more about this incredible story in the video below and get the tissues at the ready.

What an amazing story! I hope these two can find lots of opportunities to spend time with each other, they have a lot to catch up on!

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