Twins born with minimal chances of survival – then 4-year-old big brother does something that amazes doctors

Twin brothers Santino and Giovanni were born with a very rare and serious illness.

Their brother Michael is only four years old, but already has a heart of gold.

Indeed, Michael was ready to do anything to save his brothers.





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In October 2017, twin brothers Santino and Giovanni were born prematurely, in just week 33. They were forced to stay in the intensive unit for five weeks before they were able to go home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the family realized that something else was wrong with the twins.

Just 10 days after their return home, the family was back in hospital. That’s where they received the devastating news that their the boys were suffering from chronic granulomatous disorder, a very rare and hereditary disease belonging to a group of primary immunodeficiency diseases. The disease affects the immune system and prevents the body from protecting itself against different types of infections.

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But mother Robin was not completely unfamiliar with news of the twins’ disease: Her eldest son Dominik, 9, had also suffered from it. Thankfully, he was cured after a successful stem cell transplant. The family knew they had to carry out the same procedure with the twins.

They looked into potential donors and found that their second son, 4-year-old Michael, was the best suited. When Michael was asked if he wanted to help save his brothers’ lives, he didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately said yes!

Robin explained to Michael how the procedure worked. She advised him that it could hurt and while she thought hearing this could scare him, she received a different response.

“Is it going to save them?” he asked. When his mom answered in the affirmative, he answered: “Okay, I’ll do it then!”

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Despite the prospective of pain, Robin did not hesitate for a second. The twin boys are currently hospitalized in Philadelphia and on March 8, 2018, a stem cell transplant will take place — thanks to heroic brother Michael.

“Michael is proud to be saving his twin brothers lives. He is so brave, he leaves his arm out for the nurse to draw his blood. He knows what he’s about to do. It’s truly inspirational. He gives me strength just watching how strong he is,” Robin told Good Inside US.

Robin Pownall / Facebook

Watch the moving clip below for more about this big brother’s amazing move!

Stem cell transplants are always complicated; especially when children are involved. Now we really cross our fingers for everything to go well for this family. Michael and his brothers really deserve all the support in the world. Please share this article to pay tribute to Michael’s amazing courage!