Two mothers remembered: This poem brings tears to my eyes

Anyone who’s ever watched a loved one’s decline as a result of Alzheimer’s can tell you how truly terrible it is.

The disease, which causes a gradual breakdown in brain tissue, leaves sufferers with greatly impaired memory, meaning they’re left vulnerable and confused.

This beautiful poem by Joann Snow Duncanson shows us the drastic personality changes mental illness causes.

It’s at once tender and loving, sad and joyful, grateful and hopeful. Mothers and daughters worldwide who live with dementia every day know the truth in these words captured so eloquently in just six stanzas.

This poem brings tears to my eyes, Alzheimer’s was very difficult for my family. ❤️  It is exactly how this happens, and it happened to us.

Thank you Joann Snow Duncanson, for living the journey with your mother and for sharing it with us in this beautiful piece of poetry. 

We too are one.

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