Ventriloquist gets angry and storms off stage – judges can’t believe what happens next

We’ve seen countless unique and brilliant auditions on talent shows over the years.

But there are only a handful that have charmed – and shocked – the audience, television viewers and judges quite like ventriloquist Paul Zerdin.

For many years, Paul Zerdin has devoted himself to the extremely difficult art of ventriloquism. He started his journey while very young and, after enchanting his audiences over the course of his youth, he decided at the age of 43 to try his luck on America’s Got Talent.

It turned out, this would be the breakthrough Paul needed. Nobody could wrap their head around how Paul managed to do what he did – and it resulted in him going on to win the season. During the course of the show’s episodes, the artist performed a number of fascinating acts, but there’s one he’ll be remembered in particular for…

It concerns Paul getting into trouble with a doll named Sam. When Paul then storms of the stage after a bit of back and forth, and Sam takes over, the judges really can’t believe their eyes.

This is ventriloquism on a different level entirely. The clip has been seen on YouTube over 13 million times, and it’s not at all difficult to see why.

You can watch Paul’s performance in the video below. Keep your eyes peeled for around the 2 minute mark, where Paul’s talents are showcased in the most incredible way. How is this even possible?

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